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December 18, 2012
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PE Interview with CW Superstars

Tue Dec 18, 2012, 9:19 AM

Hello everyone! Welcome to our community week on projecteducate

Today, we are introducing our community week Superstars! :excited:  

miontre, lintu47, ValaSedai and JamminJo

#Q1: Tell us a little bit about yourself!

miontre : One fact about me is that I'm terrible at telling about myself! :lol: I am a photographer, currently just a hobbyist. On dA, I am involved in projects such as FeedbackFrenzy and of course projecteducate! I'm really happy to be involved in projecteducate because I love providing help, education, and assistance to others. I aim to do this in my articles and tutorials (whether or not they are ones submitted to projecteducate).

lintu47 : Hello :wave:
I'm Cristina and i live in Romania. I'm a dedicated senior member of dA's community since December 2006. In real life i'm a 4th year med student, planning to move to Australia in a couple of years and on 7th December this year, in order to celebrate my 6th year on dA, i had my first wisdom tooth extracted :nuu:

ValaSedai : I'm your friendly but introverted, video game obsessed geek who enjoys some good black metal and a good dose of daydreaming. ^^

JamminJo : Hello Everyone :wave: JamminJo here :wave: I am a self-taught photographer and love to experiment with different setting on my camera. I love capturing photos and learning from our deviantART Community and helping as much as humanly possible :heart:


#Q2: How did you discover deviantART?

miontre : When I was younger (ehem, a bit too young); someone from my school introduced me to deviantART. He got me to make an account, to be honest I didn't really want to join but I did anyway because I was easily influenced by peer pressure back then :lol:  So I joined, not planning to use the site more than the one time I logged in when I made the account. About four months later, while doing some photography, I realised that photography was an art. Then I remembered about deviantART, and I thought it would be fun to post some of my work there. I got more and more involved than I thought I would, and I am still here today. :)

lintu47 : I appreciated art for as long as i can remember and back in 2005 (June i believe it was) i discovered this site while i was searching for some fan art. I was so amazed by what i could find here that i visited it every day since that day, but only one year and a half later i decided to join the community, when i decided i have something to contribute.

ValaSedai: Honestly...I have no idea. I've had an account before this one some time in 2005 and it's been so long that I haven't got the slightest clue what made me originally stumble across dA.

JamminJo: I discovered deviantART back in 2008 :nod: I was very active within the community and learned many new photography techniques. My photography style changed and I grew out of my old account so much that I decided to create a new account in May of 2011, this was way before user name changes were available :nod:


#Q3: What do you think about the deviantART Community?

miontre: I love it! :) I think it's great that there are so many supportive, friendly, and open people here; who want to encourage each other's projects and features, look at each other's works, help each other at improving their art - it's great! I really think deviantART is a place where each of us has something to share and each of us is welcome. It's the selflessness of mostly everybody that really makes this place! Of course, there are a small few people who don't meet this description at all - but there isn't much we can do about it.

lintu47: It's the best by far, and i'm not just saying that. Of all the sites i've been, this community is the most supporting and united; the friends i made here, and even strangers kept my spirits up when i was down because of the things that happened outside of my laptop, but this is a personal opinion. Generally speaking, it's a great environment for beginner artists because they can learn from the best and are a lot of people willing to help them spread the word about their works, and for bigger artists as well because they find here a great audience. What i love most about this community is that when you give, you always receive something valuable in return - appreciation and the thought that you made someone smile today.

ValaSedai: The fact that I've been a member of countless online communities and none of them have captured my interest for much more than a year while I've actively been on dA for more than two already now kinda speaks for itself. :)
I just adore that the community is so tight and that even staff members actively take part in it, which really does make this place feel like a huge family. Sure, you've got your bad moments and black sheep but which real family doesn't? ;)

JamminJo:dalove: Before I set up my account in 2008 I researched the internet for artistic communities that were similar to deviantART. I can tell you that there is no other online community that is more community focused and/or dedicated to their members. Simply stated; there is no other online community that comes close to deviantART's Core Values FAQ #84: What are the Core Values of the Community Relations Department? For me deviantART will always be my one and only online artistic community, and I will always do my very best to help support deviantART and the sensational artists within our deviantART Community :dalove:

#Q4: What do you think about #projecteducate group?

miontre: I think projecteducate is a great group which everyone should be a part of! It gives us the oppurtunity to learn more about our chosen art forms and also to learn about other art forms. The week-long (sometimes longer) dedication to a particular medium makes it almost like a course, and makes it even more exciting when your medium has it's week!

lintu47: This group started as "a project to promote and support artistic growth and knowledge throughout the community" as it says in its description and i'm very grateful i came across it because it really motivated me to go one step further in my work for the community. It's a great place to find inspiring people, articles about all mediums, tips and interviews with great artists. It's a small community on it's own that works every day to bring you the best materials and newest art-related articles.
I had the chance to work with some of the best and kindest people i've met in my 6 years on this site and i'd like to thank Kaz-D for her effort she put into making this group a spring of awesomeness :heart:

ValaSedai: It's probably one of the most useful groups here on dA imho because you always learn something new and that about a very broad variety of areas, be it art or dA itself.

JamminJoprojecteducate is a phenomenal group that is founded by deviants that are dedicated to educating and helping our community grow. I love the variety of educational weeks and of course Community Weeks are very special to my heart :heart: I enjoy working with so many deviants and share their excitement and passion for the educational articles that they produce. 

#Q5: Tell us about your inspirations on deviantART

miontre: I am honestly inspired by so many people here that it's going to be difficult to answer this question! ^^; My inspirations have changed a lot while I've been on deviantART; when I first joined I was inspired by artists like linda-Bee, EliseEnchanted, and light-from-Emirates. There were some others but I can't remember who they were now. Nowadays I have moved away from that sort of art (most of the time :P). Some of my main artistic inspirations at the moment are DianaGrigore, regularjane, arctoa, nile-can-too, tayaiv, dragonfly-oli, DpressedSoul, oprisco - there are so many more but I'm just going to stop there! There definitely are people which should be on that list - sorry but there are just a lot of poeple and I just can't remember every one of them! :lol: Some of my community inspirations are bradleysays, Aeirmid, ziinyu, JamminJo, winehaus, namenotrequired, Arichy, Kaz-D, GillianIvy - as with my artistic influences, there should be more people in this list but I can't remember each of them from the top of my head! :XD:

lintu47: I don't consider myself an artist, therefore i won't talk about the artistic inspiration. But for the part i do, what truly inspires me is others' community work and dedication towards this site. It's a great feeling when i see others do selfless actions, i always admired those that do something without expecting anything in return.

ValaSedai: In general my muse lies within my beloved video games but of all the wonderful deviants on here I'd have to say Know-Kname has been a really great inspiration and so have LohiAxel, Syntetyc and andrekosslick.  <3  A look at their galleries will tell you why. :3

JamminJo: Oh my :faint: There are so many inspirations on deviantART :nod: My inspirations come from all the positive deviants, groups and leaders of deviantART. For me; The deviantART Community is and always will be an inspiration in all I do within our community and within my personal life :)

#Q6: If you could change one thing about deviantART what would it be?

miontre: The Journal Skins system! :eager: I don't really think the current system is amazing - previously maybe it has been useful, but nowadays as people move onto bigger and better designs it is quite limiting. I've come up with a completely new, completely different system which I think is really good - and I think a lot of other Journal skinners would like it too. One day I'm going to get around to suggesting it, and if I'm lucky dA might consider it. I think it'll make the journal skinning process a lot easier overall, and won't be limiting on what we can do whatsoever. :aww:

lintu47:, definitely It just doesn't want to work for me, it's like there's a mutual feeling of hatred between us ): And this is very unfortunate since i need to use it in projecteducate.

ValaSedai: Turn it into an actual real place. :giggle:

JamminJo: In general people are good in nature, helpful and caring. However, from time to time we all run into a person that has a negative attitude about the aspects of deviantART. I truly wish that there was someway to help these deviants understand the "Big Picture" and what it takes to make a strong and lasting community of artists from around the world.

#Q7:  What is your favourite thing about deviantART? About the world?

miontre: My favourite thing about deviantART is the wonderful oppurtunity to share your art (and improve it) and meet people from all across the globe. Favourite thing about the world? I think I'll leave this question. It's difficult to choose a favourite from everything! :P

lintu47: The best thing about deviantART are the people you can find here - from different corners of the world, with different ages and skin color, all stand together to share their art and support their fellow artists. This is a source of inspiration for me to keep spreading the dA love.
As for the world, i think that what i appreciate more is the cultural diversity.

ValaSedai: That it motivates me to make more art, to push my limits with every new work that I try. I wouldn't know where I'd be today regarding my art without it and its wonderful members.
About the world? Nature.

JamminJo: My favorite thing about deviantART and the World. I can view works of art and/or visit with anyone from around the deviantART Community and the World :nod: I can chat with my friend in Russia ;) or my friends in New York, Australia, Germany, Italy, Canada etc...... Our deviantART Community is unique, tight-knit and forever family to me :icongrouphugplz:

#Q8:  Is there anything else you want to say?

miontre: If you're reading this - thanks for taking the time to read my interview until the end! And thank you, Arichy, for interviewing me! I am honoured. :)

Also, join FeedbackFrenzy! :P

lintu47: For artists: Keep your expectations and standards high, so you will always be urged to do better. Never be completely contempt with yourself because when you do, you'll start devolving.
For love-spreading people like myself: Keep doing what you do because your work doesn't go unnoticed and it really matters to someone :heart:

ValaSedai: I'm not good with final words. :stare:

JamminJo: "Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see."  
~  Mark Twain

Thank you Arichy for this wonderful opportunity to share with our deviantART Community :heart: 

Thanks for reading and stay with projecteducate group! :salute: :heart: 

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