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How you can help to #projecteducate

Sat Dec 15, 2012, 1:45 AM


Project Educate, originally launched in 2008 by the Community Relations team, is a project to promote and support artistic growth and knowledge throughout the community. The project includes informative articles, contests, interviews, and various other events for artistic and community involvement.

Hello, dA community! Welcome to projecteducate

You know, we are doing a lot of things for you, for your life become a bit easier and happy! We're making Community Weeks, Weeks hosting by Community Volunteers (digital art hosted by Thiefoworld, for example, or Vexel Art presented by TheLastHuzzah, etc.)

A lot of work! :omg: 

But we have a great team! 

Team leader: Moonbeam13 
Team leads: Kaz-D, Aeirmid and sine-out 
Community Week leaders: JamminJo and lintu47 
Community Week superstars: miontre, Arichy, ValaSedai  and CW leaders


Official CR blog Shedule

Current week: December 10th - December 16th - Community Week 
Community Week is a chance for everyone in the community to bring to light their favourite subject, art, project or any other topic that you consider important but may get overlooked otherways. If you're interested in participating in the next Community Weeks, please note both `JamminJo and `lintu47 with your idea(s).

If you want to help or have ideas for Gallery Weeks, please feel free to send a note to projecteducate group!
What is #projecteducate and Community Week?

Keep and eye on ProjectEducate, so if you have input for a gallery week, you know who's leading it and can get in touch with them 

How I can help? :confused: 

You can help with: 

  • Tutorials
  • Competitions
  • Art Features
  • Interviews
  • Featured Chats
  • Guidelines to the Galleries
  • Deviant to Deviant Teaching under the guidance of the CVs
  • Workshops for Beginners - inc chats/live stream guides/video tutorials e.t.c
  • Constructive Critique - Comments and Favs Art Discussion
  • Critique Nights
  • Project Educate on Groups
  • If possible, host a chat event! Be it trivia, critique, or just a general meet-and-greet sort of event, chat events are a chance to bring the community together and get involved in real time.

If you want to help or have ideas for Community Weeks, please feel free to send a note to JamminJo and lintu47

Articles which were made specially for projecteducate 

PE: 9 ways to overcome (artistic) Frustration.9 ways to overcome (artistic) Frustration
Everyone has heard of it, everyone fears the very sight of it, but if you are an artist, there is a good chance it creeps at you regularly, more often than a flu, in various forms and intensity; in psychology, Frustration is a common emotional response to opposition / obstacle, is related to anger and disappointment and its strength depends on the size of the established challenge. When Frustration calls you more often than your mother does, it's time to take an action!
Try to get your feelings straight by walking it out of your system. Is it raining or snowing? Even better, get soaked and dry out.
Sleep on it. Make yourself busy with small repetitive tasks, watch a good movie or comedy, play a game, visit your family or a friend, cook a new recipe, get a haircut, tidy up your room or house, watch a documentary, have a chocolate, take a horse ridi
 :thumb342413738:   PE: How to Make a Large EmoticonHow to Make a Large Emoticon

I have been asked many times how I make my big emoticons. How I shade it, dither it, etc, so I am going to make a step by step tutorial on how I make large emoticons.:D Even if you already know how to, you might find something useful in this.;) Be aware that I am using photoshop elements 3.0, so this technique can be preformed in almost any program that has layers and custom pencil brush sizes and or a hollow and filled circle tool. If your program doesn't have layers or adjustable circles of any kind (whether it be the pencil tool or the circle tool), you should be able to get around it somehow, but if you can't figure it out, I would recommend gimp. It works on Macs, Windows, or Linux computers. You can get a free download at
Start by making a hollow circle. The color of it should be a really dark shade of the color you want the emote to be. I'm making a blue emote, so

PE: Getting Noticed in dAGetting noticed within dA
Everyday, millions of users from all over the world use deviantART, and  it is really hard for new users to get themselves noticed. Oh yes, it is HARD. It can actually be a really disappointing experience for some of us. But, if you show some patience and work for it, you may just be able to crack through that wall standing between you and exposure to the community. Remember, all it take is patience. Lots and lots of patience. Oh, and you also need to trust yourself. Just because you couldn't get a huge fan base in several weeks or months doesn't mean that you will never get them. But, there are some really important stuff you need to follow first before getting there.
dA is also a community, just like any other community in the world. The only difference is that dA is an online community and the others, well they are totally offline :nana:.  So, this means there will be some standards to be held in there, or else
  The dA commUNIty and YouThe dA commUNIty and You
When first stumbling upon deviantArt, whether 5 months or 5 years ago, we decided to join because we wanted to share our art. We wanted our work to be seen, to be appreciated, to be understood. However, it can be a long and difficult journey from obscurity into the spotlight. Many newcomers and even long-time deviants are sometimes overwhelmed and discouraged by a seeming lack of interest and/or exposure for their work. After all, that's what dA is for, right? Not necessarily - the answer to that question is a bit more involved than a simple "yes" or "no".
Society in general has become used to instant gratification. Want the new album by your favorite artist? With the click of a mouse, you've got it! Need to get in touch with your cousin who's moved to Italy? It's easy -- just Skype! The college you want to attend is across the country? No problem, they offer online courses!
You may be wondering how this is relevant to dA. Well,
  PE: 10 tips and tricks not very known about PS10 useful and not very known Photoshop tricks
1. Saving your .psd with all layers hidden makes a smaller file compared to saving it with all layers visible.
2. You can use the Crop Tool to quickly increase the canvas size of an image by holding down Ctrl + Alt whilst dragging the Crop Tool outside the current canvas.
3. If you want to see only one of your layers at a time, hold down Alt whilst clicking the eye icon of the layer. (do it again to show all layers again)
4. Holding down Alt while in a dialog box turns the Cancel button into a Reset button, so you can reset the values back to default.
5. If you want to just quickly check a very heavy .psd file, you can hold down Shift + Alt while clicking the Open button. This way Photoshop will open a flattened version of the file.
6. You can change the gray background that surrounds your image with the Paint Bucket Tool, just hold down Shift and make click on the background.
7. Not a very unknown tip, but if y

The Reason I Do ArtThe Reason I Do Art
Ask anyone in the community why they do art. I’m sure that you’re going to find a variety of answers, but that they’ll come back to the same things: because they love it, it helps them express themselves. Art is awesome, because it does allow us to do these things. It’s certainly a part of the reason why I do art. Other reasons? Because I like pretty things, and want to create  them. Because I get so excited every time I have a photoshoot or every time I pull up those images onto my computer. Because that moment when you go to pick up your film after waiting for 24+ hours to see how they turned out is just so, so sweet. Because no matter how good I become at it, I can always get better. I’ll never stop learning. The final reason? Because I have to. It’s an urge in me that I just cannot quell.
Something makes me sad, though. What makes me sad is when I see a person, a fellow artist, quit.
  PE: The A, B, C's of Cosplay 2!:iconprojecteducate:
Project Educate: A, B, C's of Cosplay 2:
Cosplay, short for costume play, is a type of performance art in which participants don costumes and accessories to represent a specific character, or idea. Characters are often drawn from popular fiction in Japan, but recent trends have included American cartoons and science fiction.
Favorite sources include manga, anime, tokusatsu, comic books, graphic novels, video games, hentai and fantasy movies, as well as anthropomorphic manifestations.
Cosplayers often interact to create a subculture centered around role play. A broader use of the term cosplay applies to any costumed role play in venues apart from the stage, regardless of the cultural context.
Informational text cited from
For the rest of the week, I would love to do enough featurettes to cover the entire alphabet, and hopefully help educate about interesting animes, mangas, terms and events whic
  Project Educate Interviews: Porcelainpoet:iconprojecteducate:
Project Educate Interviews: PorcelainPoet :
PorcelainPoet is a well recognized photographer around the halls of deviantART; her stunning, and sometimes shocking images are meticulously crafted and brought to life, then shared with us here for all of us to enjoy as well.
She was gracious enough to offer me the opportunity to ask her a few questions on her craft.
1) What was your first camera, and what did you foresee yourself doing with it? Did you imagine that you would be a nature photographer, or a portrait photographer, or was it an easy transition to creating darker work for you?
PorcelainPoet - I think my first camera was a Kodak point and shoot. Something as small as maybe 5.0 megapixels. I just knew I wanted to start doing portraits with it. And I didn't have any models yet, so I used myself. I was doing daily self portrait sessions for my first year or so of photography exploration. At that time I was 15

:thumb321449184:   PE: Pixel Artist Interview with ValaSedai
Apologies for the delay with this article, this time I bring you an up and coming pixel artist called ValaSedai
:iconclefairykid: How did you get started in Pixel Art? Was it your first medium or did you work with something different before discovering it?
:iconvalasedai: Pixel Art was the third medium I explored, after traditional and then digital drawing and painting. Even though I have played a broad selection of games whose graphics are made mainly from pixel art ever since I can think it took dA to really introduce me to creating it myself. After stumbling across more and more wonderful pixel artists on here I couldn't resist and had to try it out myself as well.
:iconclefairykid: What is the thing you love the most about Pixel Art? What makes it stand out from other art mediums for you?
:iconvalasedai: The precise and minute way of having to place each pixel, the way even a single differently placed pixel can change t
  PE Daily Deviation Week RoundupHello all,
this week has been absolutely amazing!  Just WOW! It has been a beautiful sight to see the community so engaged and I sincerely hope that this week has been educational for the community at large. With that said I'd like to give a huge thank you to everyone who helped make this week possible as well as to anyone who got involved in any shape form or fashion, be it by leaving comments, giving feedback, or even just reading the articles and taking all the information in.  This has been a wonderful experience and it couldn't have happened without all of YOU!  Thank you!  :blowkiss:  
Welcome to DD Week - Astralseed
Community Voices: What is a Daily Deviation? - Aeirmid
Daily Deviations: The Myth and the Legend - Aeirmid

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