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November 24, 2012
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Muro event entries by Arichy Muro event entries by Arichy
Hello, you can see entries for Muro event [link] that was in #projecteducate group
So, and we have 3 entries:

1) ~DeaconStrucktor:

My entry: *cactusmumkate
Because Kate was my first watcher when I joined here and she is always friendly, helpful and supportive of other artists.

2) *AJ333:

Here's my entry of ~MynaOphelia. She's a super awesome and one of my close friends. Her favorite color is orange so I made sure to incorporate that into the picture. Thank you for hosting this event :heart:

3) =James--Steele


4) =Shiilus

This is my portrait of `JoseFelipeM. I felt the need to draw him in around five minutes because he is a lovely and inspiring Deviant who deserves attention, popularity, many friends and of course many llamas. I adore his art and community projects, and frankly he's been a great friend to me and a large percentage of Deviants. Well...not a large percent. There's a couple million of us here and...that's self explanatory.

5) *AnyLuck:

It's the very awesome ^SanguineVamp. For the past month I've been playing the Halloween game she coordinated, and while I haven't spent that much time with it, she has! (And so have others, I'm sure, but they weren't as visible...) Even when busy with school, she still found the time for the people playing. And while a portrait from a stranger who can barely draw is no great thanks, it's still done with good intentions.

All entries made in MURO Rules:

Entries must be made in Muro (ONLY MURO!)
1 entry per person, must be created on or after start date
Should be made for #projecteducate drawing event
You can draw 1 deviant (for example, `Quolia, $fourteenthstar, ^Kaz-D, etc.)
It will be a very big Portrait, so, please make your entries in 450x340 resolution with: NO background, only Portrait of *deviant
Please send a NOTE to =Arichy with your entry, and don't forget to tell whom and why you've drawn
Start date: november 19, end date: november 23


You can see black squares here, more entries will be added AFTER CHAT EVENT!!! also this information will be edited, participants will be added!

EDIT: edited!!!

So, our 3 first participants got:

~DeaconStrucktor: 3 month premium
*AJ333: 1 month premium and dA Icon Keychain
*AnyLuck: 1 month premium and dA lanyard

We are waiting your entries! There will be ONE BIG Prize for last participants! Thank you!

=Shiilus got 3 months premium
=James--Steele got MUG [link]

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